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At Groupe Project Reno, we are a renovation company based in Montreal, dedicated to delivering exceptional craftsmanship and transformative solutions for your spaces.

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Our story

 Our Company

Groupe Project Reno is more than just a renovation company—it's a testament to the power of family and shared passion. Founded by two brothers, our company was born out of a deep love for craftsmanship and a vision to create exceptional spaces in Montreal.

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Our mission

Higher quality work.

Your vision and satisfaction are at the core of our mission, and we are dedicated to bringing your renovation dreams to life with the utmost professionalism and quality.

Our Values

The values that drive everything we do



Ensuring spaces that are unique, inspiring, and tailored to your vision.



You can rely on us to listen attentively, understand your needs, and deliver on our promises.



We bring cutting-edge solutions and modern approaches to each project.



We are driven by a passion for achieving excellence in every aspect of our work.



We welcome clients from all walks of life and take pride in creating spaces that reflect and honor their unique identities.



We believe that quality renovations should be within reach, regardless of budget or limitations.

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